“The functionality provided has also had an instant impact on our productivity, saving time and allowing us to cover more ground...”

Recruitment Owner, The Plenum Group

Applicant Tracking System

Save valuable time with the eBoss Applicant Tracking System (ATS). It tracks your applicants throughout the recruitment process. The eBoss ATS is the backbone of your database system and by using it you will reap enormous benefits. Manage your candidates with the eBoss ATS and you get excellent benefits such as:

  • Save valuable time
  • lower cost per hire
  • huge cost saving benefits
  • make accurate decisions based on facts and not just intuition
  • spend less time on administration of your recruitment processes with automation of tasks
  • offer better applicant experience with prompt and effective communication
  • overall enhancement of your reputation

To explore more about the individual components of the eBoss Applicant Tracking System see below.


Benchmark side by side your consultant’s performance and make accurate decisions. Easily make changes to targets by creating both individual and team targets. View by week or month and print out at anytime.

The eBoss KPI (Key Performance Indicator) reporting module is a simple and fast way to check how your consultants are performing.  You can set individual key performance indicators and benchmark and discover quickly if your consultants are performing to your set targets.


Save valuable time and only interview the best candidates.  Be focused on the activities which will translate into higher placement values for your business.

Maintain the integrity of your professional practice and demonstrate competence by only advancing the right candidates to the next stage of your process.

The eBoss Pre-screening feature is the best way to ensure accuracy when assessing potential candidates for placement with your clients.

CV Parser

Create searchable database records in an instant. Eliminate tedious data entry and skilling up of your candidates. Quickly present to your client the most suitable candidates for their position.

The eBoss CV Parser is a tool which will read and extract candidates personal, educational and employment details directly to your eBoss database. The CV Parser will also extract competencies and skills and these are added to the candidate record automatically, thus making searching a breeze.

Once the data is extracted the foundations are laid in your database for more powerful search queries ranging from simple Database Searches through to powerful Semantic Search and Social Media Searches.


From application to placement and beyond, your candidates are in your workflow. Stay organised with this essential tool of the eBoss Applicant Tracking System. The benefits of using this tool enable you to create your very own bespoke workflows for both candidates and clients.

Each workflow is incredibly easy to set up and each workflow activity is recorded for reporting purposes, thus allowing you to gauge the effectiveness of your efforts for each stage of your workflow.  In other words you will know, at a glance, exactly where your candidate or potential client is in your business and make appropriate decisions.


Keep track of the progress of your candidate in relation to your ongoing vacancies.

View in an instant each applicant and vacancy and see their progress on each stage of your pipeline.  For example you can see who is being interviewed today or tomorrow, who is awaiting further documentation etc. Quickly discover any problems in the pipeline and take action.

eBoss Track helps you stay organised by visually presenting your pipeline and existing track events as well as facilitating the easy addition of new track events.  You can track records every step of the recruitment process, ensuring you have these facts to hand when you need them.

Recruitment Cloud

Are you a recruiter who wants a fast, secure and always online recruitment database? Something that can be accessed from any browser, anywhere in the world and without the need to download anything locally? A system that integrates easily with your favourite tools? A system that behind the scenes backs up your data multiple times every second?

Welcome to the eBoss Recruitment Cloud, purposely built to ensure our recruiters have the edge over their competitors. eBoss Recruitment Software has created its own state of the art Recruitment Cloud. A secure scalable and 100% available space for recruiters who use eBoss Recruitment Software. The eBoss Recruitment Cloud has been built to ensure you have lightening fast, secure and reliable access to your data and the eBoss functionality at all times.