Candidates Search

As one of the biggest activities of your business you will want to have the very best tools to do the job. Our clients tell us that searching activities that used to take hours, now take only minutes with eBoss. That is the power of eBoss Recruitment Software search tools.

These tools combined with the eBoss Applicant Tracking System deliver a comprehensive and elegant solution that will save time and increase your revenues. On one hand it is great to be able to search your own records and there is no limit to this, however if your database does not have the results you require, features like the eBoss Social Media Search allows you to find great candidates within Social Media Channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Xing and Monster.

Social Media Talent Pool Search

eBoss  Social Media Search provides an additional and permanent source of data that extends from your own candidate database. This brings the benefit of being able to search the whole world and manage the results with the eBoss Applicant Tracking System.

Using the eBoss Social Media Search adds value to your search and gives you an instant perspective of the calibre of suitable candidates available to you. The search capabilities of the eBoss Applicant Tracking System will put your agency in good standing with your clients as the agency that can deliver great candidates quickly thus increasing your revenues.

Semantic Search

You will want your database to have the most powerful and technically advanced search tools available in the world. We know you want to quickly find what you are looking for. The eBoss Semantic Search tool delivers all of the above and more, It finds the candidates you are looking for precisely and presents them in an easy to compare format.

At eBoss, manual data entry is a thing of the past. If your database does not have a match, our Social Media Search will help you search the world at the same time.

Now your agency can recruit better with the eBoss Semantic Search tool – the gold standard of searching technology.

Boolean Search

Boolean offers the flexibility of making your search queries effective. Boolean Search offers some real power and elegance when it comes to searching thousands and thousands of documents on your system – in this case CV’s.

It’s one of the essential features in every Applicant Tracking System.

The advantages to those that like to create their own Boolean Search strings are enormous.

Database Search

When you want to retrieve specific information from your database, when you need it and quickly, it is vitally important for a busy recruiter to have a reliable and fast Database Search facility.

eBoss Recruitment Software has it.

By having the latest up to date information at hand you have the tools for great relationship building and in turn provide the highest quality service to your clients.