Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum contract?

There is no minimum contract term.

How do I start using eBoss?

Enter your details on the Live Demo form.

How do I upload CVs and match to jobs?

Easy, email the document to the database or drag and drop it in the candidates section, then view the matches instantly via the magnifying glass icon. This also works when a job is added, potential candidate matches are available instantly.

Could I send bulk email without issues with my ISP?

Yes, working with our bulk email partners, we can set up your system to allow bulk sending to as many recipients as you like.

Is there a set up fee?


What is the CV2DB feature?

The CV2DB feature is a dedicated email address we issue per database, it means you can send docs to it and they will parse and appear on your eBoss database. It also works well with job boards as applications for your jobs can be emailed directly to your database and appear linked to the job and ready for consideration when you log in.

How secure is my data?

Very secure. We have been in the business for over 14 years and employ industry leading stratagies to ensure all security policies are adhered to.

What exactly are the costs?

See pricing.

If we don’t want to use eBoss anymore – will it cost me to get my data?

It’s your data, there is no cost. Simply click the link in the migration section of your database and it will be delivered promptly.

Do you offer a backup system, in case of an emergency?

We use a failover replica system across 2 separate data centres, In the unlikely event of a catastrophic failure, in other words, if the servers your system are hosted on, goes up in a puff of smoke, you can be reassured that you will not have lost any data and our backup systems will take over within 3 minutes.

Where are the testimonials?

Click here to visit our testimonials page.

Could eBoss be customised?

Yes, eBoss is already highly customisable to match your work flow and practices. Bespoke functionality can be discussed on a per requirement basis.

Do you offer a SMS service for contacting candidates?

The eBoss system has a FREE SMS Module and the first 50 SMS messages are free per month, additional costs are 9p per SMS text.

What post sales technical support do you offer?

We offer telephone, email and live chat support, there is no cost for this service.

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Recruitment Matters have utilised and embraced the eBoss software for over 3 years. In that time not only has it been highly effective for my business team and I have also been delighted with the support available from the guys at eBoss. The transition over to updated and upgraded versions has always been seamless. Does what it says on the tin – give it a try.

Warren Kemp

Principal, Recruitment Matters

Rob Ward has been a delight to work with. If you call him he is there, nothing is too much trouble for him. He has expert knowledge for the product and will go to great lengths to help you achieve a smooth transition from an old database to the new. eBoss is a good system for recruiters.

Lesley Whiting

Director, 1st Stop Recruitment

I cannot recommend eBoss enough, we have been using them for maybe 3 years now. The database is easy to use and comprehensive and the support received is second to none. Our support is the best, they talk me through any tricky situations and even compiles helpful videos that are useful to keep for our other users. We Love our eBoss.

Del Simmons

Director, SPE Selection

By the way, the eBoss product is fantastic and the rest of the team are very happy with the functionality also. The level of support provided by Robert in Bournemouth is second to none.

Lewis Green

Head of Resources, Global Eye