Applicant Tracking System Integration

eBoss Recruitment Software is a comprehensive tool for success-oriented recruiters. We are fully aware that as well as eBoss there are complementary tools that can be utilised for your business and that is why eBoss offers simple and easy Integration of the features important to you. With eBoss Recruitment Software, you can avoid duplication of tasks and additional costs. As well as the standard integrations like API and Exchange, eBoss also provides 2-way SMS communication and VOIP integration to give extra support for your internal and external communication.


Microsoft Exchange Email works in harmony with your eBoss Recruitment Software. See your emails and appointments wherever you are and whatever the device you are using. Avoid duplication as eBoss synchronisation services will ensure your emails and appointments are transferred both from your database to your email and from email to your database. With eBoss it’s simple – we created this integration to ensure that all of the emails you send and receive related to records in your eBoss database will be synschronised both ways, the same for calendar appointments. This seamless integration removes duplication of tasks and hence you will never need to copy and paste those important emails into candidate or contact notes ever again.


Keep the costs down when talking to your candidates and contacts by using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). What is VOIP? In a nutshell it is a technology that uses the internet to conduct voice conversations, instead of the traditional and more expensive fixed landline or mobile option. It is revolutionary in terms of ease of contact and cost savings as well as offering the bonus of being able to conduct face to face (video) calls, if you choose. Using VOIP in your business has many advantages and eBoss has made it even easier by enabling specific protocols inside your eBoss database.

2-way SMS

SMS communications provide an exceptional experience for your Clients and Candidates. SMS is instant and research shows response times to SMS are far greater than other methods of communication. The ability inside eBoss to also receive a response from your recipients makes this a great way to keep communication effective between all parties. All sent and received SMS messages are stored in your eBoss database and this further enhances your ability to conduct business with simplicity and effectiveness. Using eBoss 2-way SMS features will optimise your work day and help keep your Clients and Candidates up to date with all communication information related to specific projects in one place.


Save money and help your system work seamlessly with eBoss API (Application Programming Interface) integration. The benefits to your day to day business are enormous and most businesses benefit from them without realising they are being used. eBoss has built an API and this makes integration’s between other software and your website with eBoss easy and seamlessly. Think of an API as a handshake between 2 different interfaces. The handshake bonds them together. It translates for less hours spent by your IT team on development processes, and also it allows you to avoid costs of additional software and/or hardware to make them work together.