Recruitment CRM

The eBoss Recruitment CRM will help manage your candidate, client and contact records with ease and elegance.
Simply put, the eBoss Recruitment CRM has been built to work in recruitment for recruiters. The features in the CRM are specific to recruitment and tailored to the day to day activities of most recruiters.

Our CRM takes care of the most important aspects of your day.  For example, great contact management, communication, synchronisation and security, all of which are discussed in more detail below.

Contact Management

Contact relationship management is built right into your eBoss Recruitment Software from the ground up. It’s a full-featured Recruitment CRM that will allow you to get maximum reach and exposure to your existing customer base, increasing the quality and volume of service you can supply to your customers. Fully featured and boasting multiple tools that major CRM solution providers charge for, at eBoss we have built this in as an integral part of your system.

It is not a bolt-on. It is not a modular option. It is not something we use to ‘upsell’ or maximise our profits. It is a core feature of what we believe is one of the most seamlessly integrated solutions on the planet for recruiters.


Effective and clear communication is essential for your success and reputation. Candidates and Clients who experience great communication are an asset to your organisation and will most likely refer you to others.

Gone are the days of exclusive communications being conducted by letter, phone and fax. Welcome to the world of multifaceted communication. How great is your communication? How can you stay on top of communications via twitter, facebook, linkedin, phone, sms, voip? How do you know what the best channel to use is and when? How do you know who contacted you and by what method? It has the potential to overwhelm. Fortunately eBoss has the solution.


eBoss Recruitment CRM can be easily synchronised with other applications like your email or calendar through the Microsoft Exchange Service. All emails sent to and from your exchange email account that also exist on records in your eBoss database are copied to eBoss. All emails sent from eBoss are synchronised with your exchange sent items and thus offering a 2-way replication of data.

Appointments made inside eBoss are copied to your exchange calendar and appointments in your exchange calendar are synchronised to your eBoss calendar. In other words – wherever you are, you have access to the most important data relating to your meetings, or customers on your mobile. With Exchange synchronisation you will never need to copy and paste another email into notes again.


Security and the integrity of your data is vital to the success, profitability and most importantly the reputation of your business.

A data breach would have serious consequences for your reputation and could affect the survival of your business. Rest assured, at eBoss we take security very seriously and everything we develop and deploy always has this in mind.

A great example of how we take this seriously is demonstrated in the roll out of our 2 factor security measures. This is mandatory for our team when accessing our systems and optional for you if you want to enjoy the extra peace of mind that this technology brings.