Vacancy Management

Efficient companies generate more revenue. As your business grows you will want to be sure you can efficiently manage the increase in vacancies while avoiding raising your resources required at the same time.

Vacancy management will help significantly in this area and ensure your business remains efficient as you grow.

Vacancy management on eBoss includes subscription software from job board aggregators ensuring your jobs can be posted with a variety of job boards.

Job Board Integration


To get even more coverage for your Vacancies, eBoss has partnered with some of the biggest and most widely available online job posting and job advertising platforms.  Idibu, Jobmate, Broadbean & LogicMelon integration is built right into your eBoss recruitment software solution, giving you a very efficient force multiplier when it comes to finding the best candidate for your client’s vacancy.

The choice of which advertising platform to distribute through is entirely yours.   You can customize your distribution channels on a per-job basis, choosing the most appropriate posting and distribution medium for the job at hand. eBoss Job Board Integration works with a subscription to any of the above mentioned job boards.

Social Media Integration

eBoss is set up to promote your jobs in a variety of ways for example using the API you can display your jobs on your website, using the job board distribution networks ie. Idibu, Jobmate etc, you can deploy your jobs to hundreds of job boards.

eBoss also has some social media tools for jobs, built in. When you post a job inside your eBoss database you can click the ‘tweet’ option for example and that job will be tweeted with a friendly url link to allow interested applicants the ability to view and apply for that position. We are working on more and more features in this area.